Konstantinos E. Machairas was born in Athens in April 1989. He received his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in February 2013. His Diploma thesis concerned the design and the implementation of the electrical/ electronic subsystem, and the real-time programming for a space emulator robot. This work was also presented in ESA’s ASTRA conference in 2013. Since April 2013, he is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA. His current research focuses on dynamics and control of legged robots. He works in the area of embedded systems and robotics since 2010, and he has received several awards and distinctions for his work. He has also worked as an intern in Mechanical Engineering Dept.  in TU Clausthal in Germany, on the spline shaft-hub connections analysis in Ansys Mechanical APDL.

Research Interests

  • Modeling, Design and Control of Robotic Systems, Legged Robotics, Space Robotics, Mechanical and Electrical/ Electronic Design, Embedded Systems Design, Mechatronics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

Ongoing Work

  • Modeling, Design and Control of Legged Robots

Past Work

  • Design and Implementation of the Electrical/ Electronic Subsystem, and Real-Time Programming for a Space Emulator Robot
  • Design, Developement and Control of a Solar Tracking Device
  • Design and Development of a Cell Culture Monitoring Device

Awards and Distinctions

  • Received the First Place Award at the “Innovative Design” Competition organized by the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA, September 2012: “Design and Development of a Cell Culture Monitoring Device”, K. Machairas, N. Liakopoulos, advised by Assistant Professor Leonidas G. Alexopoulos
  • Received the Second Place Award at the “Innovative Design” Competition organized by the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA, September 2011: “Design, Development and Control of a Solar Tracking Device”, K. Machairas, C. I. Mavrogiannis, S. Margelou, advised by Professor E.G. Papadopoulos
  • Ranked first in IAESTE Athens (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) competition, NTUA, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, (2011)
  • Ranked first in Athens (and top 20% in the world) as a member of the team “Xteam” in the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 6.0 organized by IEEE, October 2012
  • Member of the NTUA finalist team “Hermes” in the Aircargo Challenge Competition in Stuttgart (10th place in Europe), organized by Euroavia, August 2011. Goal: “Design and Development of an Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) carrying the maximum cargo”
  • Member of the “NTUA Team Design” finalist team in the BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC), organized by the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), Chania, Greece, May 2012